Our Mission

Our only mission is to spread love. We are a family run rescue that is passionate about being inclusive. Being inclusive means that we do whatever we can to cater to a wide variety of living creatures. This also means that we are open to working with and educating non-conventional adoptive families who struggle with pet approval due to any variation of limitations. Common limitations include: apartment lifestyles, yards that are not fenced in, and background check discrepancies. It is our belief that too many good homes are looked over due to circumstances that can be adapted to.


We hope to provide an accepting atmosphere and ask that you reach out to us with any questions or concerns about the adoption process or pet ownership. These inquiries need not be limited to pets adopted from Old Bones Animal Rescue. 

Our rescue journey started in November 2016 with our littlest boy, Odin. Like many of our rescues, Odin was brought to us from the South and encountered several different shelter environments before he found us. We quickly fell in love with him and realized that we wanted everyone to experience the same kind of unconditional love that he offered.



Our Partners:


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